A-43. Gijon Aquarium

"Wood and steel boxes stacked in the port arriving from seas and oceans of the world"

Playa de Poniente, Gijon (2003-2007)
Gijon Town Hall / Coutant Aquariums

Ideas Competition. First prize 2003
Order: Project / Construction Management /
Architect: A. Planchuelo
Collaborating architects: S. Sz-Izquierdo /
L. de Aurora / L. de la Infanta
Technical architects: Ll. Sierra / E. Bárzana
Structure: A. Fernández Zúñiga
Facilities: F. Reolid / ITF
Acuariology & Museology: Coutant Aquariums
Builder: FCC / C. Alvargonzalez
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