A-39. Cabrera National Park Interpretation Centre and Aquarium

"Architecture, painting and sculpture United in a cliff to display the treasures and secrets of the Mediterranean"

Ses Salines, Mallorca (2002-2008)
O.A.P.N. / Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine
Contest of ideas. First prize 2002
Order: Project / Collaboration to Construction Management
Architect Designer: A. Planchuelo
Work Director: A. Villalba / A. Planchuelo
Collaborating architects: S. Sz-Izdo / L. de Aurora
Technical architects: A. Casas / Ll. Sierra / J. Palou
Structure: A. Fernández Zúñiga
Facilities: F. Reolid
Museology: O.A.P.N. / Coutant Aquariums
Painting and sculpture: M. Mansanet / R. Díez
Builder: Tragsa
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